Kverneland 7740

Kverneland 7740

The trailed Kverneland 7740 is ideal for users that wrap large number of bales, but still prefer the turntable wrapping system.

It is designed for high output operation even in rough or hilly conditions. The Kverneland 7740 offers a rugged design and is capable of handling bales up to 1400kg.

The Advantages:

Trailed turntable wrapper
Self-loading mechanism
Hydraulic film cutter.
Low profile design ensuring gentle loading and unloading of the bales.
Able to handle round bales up to 1400 kg ( 3080 lbs)
Able to carry an extra bale on the loading arm. Kverneland 7750 J is joystick controlled version, with semi-automatic operation.Kverneland 7750 C, the computer controlled version with control box and joystick, offers fully automatic operation.

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