Genuine Filters

Case IH Tractor Filters

The Case IH air filters have been specifically designed for each engine,

The Key Role of the air filter

  • The air filter has a key role to play, it lets through air in sufficient quantity and clears away impurities,
  • Providing extremely good performance, trapping dust particles as small as 1 micron
  • After passing through the filter, 99.96% of airborne particles have been removed.
  • The risk abrasion and damage to the engine is therefore minimised and combustion takes place under the best possible conditions.

When Should I Change My Filter

It is advisable to change the filter every 600hrs or once a year whichever arises first.

A saturated filter reduces the intake of air, reduces engine power and increases fuel consumption. It is therefore essential to replace it regularly.

Genuine Case IH Tractor Filters