AS6000 – VBS

AS6000 – VBS

The Agrispread range of the rear discharge spreaders are capable of spreading a wide range of manure tyres, From semi liquid to well rotten solid material. A range of models are available from 8 tonne to 26 tonne depending of the requirements of the customer.

The dynamically balanced beaters now come as standard in Hardox which includes not only the wearing tips but also the full spiral thus eliminating beaters becoming out of shape from foreign objects. The beaters are mechanically driven by a PTO at 1000 rpm through a purpose built one piece gearbox which offers the must robust beater gearbox on the market. For extra precaution there is a shear-bolt on the main drive shaft.

The material is fed to the beaters by a one piece design floor lat which offers consistent flow of material to the beaters for a even, wide and precise spread pattern.  The floor gearbox is protected by a relief valve to protect both the beaters and also the floor drive mechanism. The floor hydraulic design allows the operator to reverse the floor if any blockages occur allowing them to free the floor or beaters from the obstruction.



  • Heavy duty monocoque body for extra strength.
  • 4mm with heavy duty reinforcing ribs and 5mm reinforced floor.
  • Adjustable flow control valves to alter the rate of discharge.
  • Heavy duty drawbar with various height options.
  • 1500mm wide back end which houses the purpose built gearbox and rotors.
  • The hydraulically controlled variable speed floor is constructed from 16mm high tensile chain and 75mm channels.
  • High Floatation tyres for broad load distribution to reduce soil compaction.
  • Hydraulic brakes are fitted as standard as is a parking brake and stand.
  • Hydraulic back door fitted as standard – this helps metre the application rate.
  • A solid timber hip rail fitted to prevent loading damage – on AS6000 and AS8000.
  • An anti-corrosive primer and two coats of paint are applied to all Spreaders to ensure a quality long lasting finish.


  • Mudguards.
  • Comerical axle in lieu of standard.
  • Comerical axle in lieu of standard with air brakes.
  • Comerical axle in lieu of standard with air & hyd brakes.
  • Extension sides (painted).
  • Extension sides (galvanised).
  • Slipper clutch.
  • Wide spread package (painted).
  • Wide spread package (galvanised).