Kverneland Ecomat

Kverneland Ecomat

Kverneland Ecomat, a revolutionary concept in tillage methods

Kverneland Ecomat is a lightweight implement that tills the soil extremely effeciently via shallow ploughing (10-18cm). New short bodies available in steel or plastic for low wearing.

Compared to conventional tillage, the farmer saves time and energy. The result: an equally good crop with less efforts. In comparison with reduced tillage system, the farmer gains a more secure and stable cultivation method for better results. The problem of weeds, fungus and other diseases also decreases. The farmer becomes less dependent on the weather and can work if the soil is relatively moist. Seeds will germinate and grow better in a clean, fine soil layer.

Compared to reduced tillage:

more economical
time saving
better soil preparation
improved soil structure
reduced problems with weeds, fungi and diseases
minimize chemical usage
better growth
higher profitability

Working capacity:

working width: 4,00 m
working speed: 8 - 12 km/hr
capacity, seedbed: 2,5 - 3,5 Ha/h
capacity, stubble: 3,0 - 4,0 Ha/h
Multipurpose implement with proven economical savings.

Working depth :

Eco ploughing: 14 - 18 cm
Eco Tillage: 8 - 14 cm
Eco Stubble: 6 - 8 cm