Kverneland Taarup 5087 M - 5095 M

Kverneland Taarup 5087 M - 5095 M

Butterfly Disc Mower

Kverneland Taarup 5087 M-5095 M is the perfect machine for the ever growing number of cattle farmers looking for an effective solution enabling them to mow extensive areas with a relatively small tractor. Designed to match the needs of large-scale mowing, these machines are packed with features to meet all demands. The centre suspended mowing units, in combination with the round discs, offer unmatched mowing performance.

The Advantages:

Centre Suspension
8.70-9.50m Working Width
NonStop BreakBack
Vertical Transport Position

Cutterbar with Round Discs

Kverneland Taarup uses round discs. Round discs are less susceptible to stone impact, and reduce shock loads in the transmission.
Stones are expelled immediately, before they have any chance of becoming jammed. The benefits are lower repair and maintenance costs - at the same time as a clean and aggressive cut.
The cutterbar has a high oil capacity, ensuring a very low working temperature. This ensures an efficient oil cooling and lubrication of the entire cutterbar.
The long curved gear wheels running in oil provides a very quiet and reliable power transmission.
The fully welded cutterbar gives a very stiff and strong design for high durability.


The mowing units are centre suspended offering an even weight distribution across the complete mower width.
Faster and more precise adaptation to ground contours is also achieved due to the centre suspended design.
The benefit is less skid wear and optimum protection of the stubble.
When turning on headlands the hydraulic cylinder, which is also used when going into transport position, ensures ample clearance to the swath, so they remain undamaged.

Two Mounting Options

5087 M can be adjusted for optimal operation according to different circumstances, such as field contours or working width of the front mounted mower.
To ensure optimal overlap between front and rear units, the mowing units can be mounted in two positions on the suspension arm.
This also gives you an option of wider overlap in hilly conditions, lessening the need for SideShift equipment.

Eco-Friendly Solution

The Kverneland Taarup 5087 M and 5095 M are an eco-friendly, energy saving solution able to work on tractors with as little as 120 hp.
The low weight of only 1360-1500kg, together with the ideal weight distribution that butterfly combinations offer, give the optimum combination of low power requirements, low weight and high efficiency.


To offer maximum protection of the cutterbar, these machines are fitted with the well-known Kverneland Taarup BreakBack solution.
When encountering an obstacle, the BreakBack will swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle, returning it to the original working position once the obstacle has been passed